"It is indescribable the feeling that the pristine nature and the captivating view awaken in everyone standing on the Leshten hills with their faces facing the fiery sunset over the Rhodope Mountains. The fresh breeze, carrying the aroma of romance and herbs, mixed with the taste of old wine and freshly prepared food on the live coals in the fireplace, make the heart beat wildly and the mind be transported to a mysterious world of the past. The healing forest air and the majesty of the mountains evoke a deep feeling of respect and gratitude for Mother Nature, just as the ancient Thracians who inhabited these lands thousands of years ago revered her majesty. ” This is how today's visitors to the village describe with nostalgia the feelings they experienced there. Thousands of artifacts from ancient times discovered by archaeologists in the region - the architectural settlement "Nikopolis ad Nestum" show that then, as now, the area of ​​the village of Leshten was a deeply revered place.

Welcome to Hotel Leshten!

Комплексът работи целогодишно и разполага  с 9 двойни стаи, 13 двойни комфорт+ , 14 двойни комфорт ,  1 studio, 2 comfort studios, 2 triple rooms, 3 apartments, 1 studio apartment and a presidential apartment. From them you can enjoy a beautiful view of the Rhodope Mountains. All rooms have a private bathroom, cable TV and central heating.

The comfortable rooms in the hotel are newly furnished and offer our guests authenticity and comfort in one.

 Ресторанта на хотел Лещен предлага вкусни ястия приготвени от качествени продукти  по старите български рецепти. Хотелът осигурява безплатен паркинг, открит топъл панорамен басейн, отворен за лятно ползване, релакс зона със закрит топъл панорамен басейн, вътрешно джакузи, външно джакузи, финландска сауна, парна баня , приключенски душ, билкова сауна и турска баня.

Among our latest services are an indoor children's playground, lobby bar, playroom for children, cigar bar, reading and relaxation areas.



The architecture of the hotel is entirely aimed at preserving the unique Bulgarian way of life and culture, known for its incredible beauty. The building constructions are made of ecologically clean and quality materials, mainly wood, stone and wrought iron, made by the hands of skilled craftsmen.
Authentic architecture is largely borrowed from time-tested traditions applicable to the Bulgarian four seasons and created to provide comfort and safety, warmth in winter and coolness in the summer heat. We offer you the unique opportunity to immerse yourself both in the mystical past and the bright future of one of the most unique tourist destinations on the Balkan Peninsula - the village of Leshten.


The village of Leshten is an invaluable historical landmark, preserving the specific Rhodope architecture from the Renaissance. There are eco-trails near the village of Leshten, suitable for tourism. The village of Leshten is located 8 km. from the architectural reserve Kovachevitsa, 7 km. from the village of Ognyanovo, famous for its mineral springs.
One of the most beautiful Bulgarian cities Gotse Delchev is only 15 km. from the village. The world-famous ski resort of Bansko is a 40-minute drive away and 100 km away. separate Leshten from the beautiful coastal resorts of the Aegean Sea. The airport in Thessaloniki (Greece) and the new highways contribute to easy access to the village of Leshten.
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